Note: I do *not* use FACEBOOK, INSTAGRAM, nor WHATSAPP.

1984 - bullied kindergarten kids shown a "suicide" mind control video that said, "Purpose of life is to not commit suicide." Implant suicide concept into young child's mind - Frank J Smith School, East Hanover, NJ

1991 - acute brain trauma TBI behavior

1992 - acute testicle trauma (stropnicky...?)

1990s - hate spraypainted at nike base; my name and other neighborhood kid names are signed. suspects are mb or em

1994 - Barry Halloran informs me that I'm being investigated by county sheriff / spied upon ref: war dialing, pbx hacking, beige boxing, red boxing, scene affiliations (Gaslighting)

1994/5 - tweak baby, tweak - kmes

1995 - shown existence of eternal darkness and eternal light

1996 - ss to s, won lotto next day (eternal)

1997 - tries to sell me a (presumably bugged) "flashlight" outside "Merchant Services", Belleville, NJ

<= 2000 - aunties and phone numbers, father's collection targeted (Gaslighting)

2000 - ear sabotage, jccd

2000 - michigan dj friends with peavey console, harassing me and my now dead mother (Gaslighting)

2001 - witnessed two students cheering on the fall of the twin towers at Rutgers piscataway computer lab, surely reported to FBI, surely Trump had info to make such a claim

2002 - "I'll make ya famous, boy" - TK (Gaslighting)

2002 - chase DMV rejection (Stalking)

2003/4 - alyx monaco / kelly ketchersid | howard stern | ameritrade reuters ce.ya (Gaslighting)

2005 - ha! stamps go up (Gaslighting)

2006 - "people like going down the shore huh" (Royal, secret)

2007 - org chart shared, publicly removed, long term bait (Disclosure)

2008 - remove tour operator

2009 - reddit incident: SLM juxtapose with IRL details (living in discovery bay) (Gaslighting, Weapons Experimentation)

2009 - msn / lady walking on ala wai incident (Gaslighting)

2009 - attempted setup ref: money, movement, harm USA, speak russian

2012 - "Fruit Cups", "20 russian hotties" - 95.9 (Gaslighting)

2013 - 20,500 corruption (info sharing, ameritrade / google)

2014 - january -- 2550 3rd ave incident (Directed Energy Weapon) concurrent to / directly after Iran/Russia (dis)information about snowden aliens revelations (suspect: anya orlova [russia hawaii tours] -> russian mob friends -> geniuses in seattle)

2014 - seattle shenanigans (Gaslighting)

2014 - reddit incident: SLM juxtapose with IRL details (upon leaving Seattle) (Gaslighting, Weapons Experimentation)

2014 - you will receive two xmas gifts ds->ka/yn (Gaslighting)

2015 - Amazon Kindle Mad-Libs free sci-fi ebook (Gaslighting)

2015 - Erin Ka`ahea Gross - OCC and Kahala Mall (Gaslighting)

2015 - "who the f are you cowboy" - k

2015 - "Oh, so you tried to reconnect with Purple? You're about to get a call from Spencer" ref: jjf gf looking for room (Hacking / Gaslighting)

2015 - attempted grand theft under duress [Young Kwak] - conspiracy (ref: "Security!" - we caught a haole fish, we can get away from stealing from taxpayers [2006: retribution talk down to me Alakai M])

2016 - day of eddie: in case you run into heather etc (Gaslighting) -> foodland (State of HI)

2016 - da brags to me about how he and his military connected friends will hack/harass for street justice (If I ever am born again-again-again, it won't be by you)

2016 - O`ahu Christians are told "be more like Jesus" and that "Jesus stalks non-believers" (1+1=2)

2016 - "Stay away from Jack" - Filipino man; immediately followed by: "Stay away from Jack (Johnson), or you'll get whacked" - GH/RH (Death threat)

2016 - Whole Foods Kahala [employee]

2016 - attorney / judge shenanigans (State of HI)

2016 - G.Lau, ICS department head at UH: "we found aliens decades ago, but were told to keep quiet", and, "You're junking up the system" iow he had access to my digital trail

2017 - "we're watching you" - nsmm

2017 - MZ proudly confirms existence of facebook pages behind back (Gossip Column / Gaslighting Source)

2017 - "Spencer!" local construction worker working on dunkin donuts kapolei, similar Kahala (Gaslighting)

2017 - "drop the case" -private email -> "no we aren't going to drop it" -corrupt cop lanis (Hacking / Gaslighting)

2017 - "Lose this number" -nicole alvarez (pupukea, friend of GH and MZ) -> "Lose this number" -coffee gallery (Gossip column / Gaslighting)

2017 - "I can think of a 100,000 reasons" (K -> OT | C.Wright | iMessage with MG) (Hacking / Gaslighting)

2017 - Kevin told me randomly: "If you talk about what happened on the North Shore, you'll never get another job in this town again", said peter thiel would recognize him, was anti-trump, said he knows "Jack (Johnson) and Kim"

2017 - conspiracy to commit perjury [Kanemoto / Yuen] (State of HI)

2017 - lame attempt to set up re: henry's atv's being stolen - gh

2017 - Ala Moana - outside Island Brew - two guys with walkie talkies approach me, "oh he needs the 40k mall contract to survive" (gaslighting)

2017 - four women speaking on behalf of mr. klein "spencer said bla bla" (gaslighting, deflection, denial)

2017 - foodland farms ala moana [employee]

2018 - duplicate alert 10 seconds after my tweet to the late Jaime on the day of her memorial, where I pretended to take claim for the hack (gaslighting, hacking)

2018 - toggle demonstration day of missile alert, evening at coffee gallery, by a military looking couple. Someone knew I was suicidal, was watching my twitter, was part of the false missile alert hack, he had anaconda biceps and looked military, and decided to harass me by goading me into suicide. (Gaslighting / false duplicate alert)

2018 - fhb 500 -> green world $500 (Gaslighting)

2018 - Day after my father passes away "Ok he's listening now - Henry" (re: iMessage witth CHD, east hanover nj) - coffee gallery lady (Gaslighting with hacking or gossip)

2018 - slow down disclosure (self)

2018 - Sam Craig harassed me for the second time by saying "Desh" as he walked by me in some attempt to display power and gossip ability (Gossip, Gaslighting)

2018 - accepted clearance position, heavily harassed in Kailua and at Kapiolani Park (Gaslighting)

2018 - attorney fight back for USA / troll broad disclosure ()

2018 - Royal Capitol Plaza, 876 Curtis Street - Creepy Security Guard Dennis has to go: gossip, sabotage, told me "We know where all the pretty girls are in the building" and showed me the 4k CCTV system. DO NOT BUY OR RENT FROM THIS BUILDING.

2018 - KTUH (2nd incident) ref: ny/nj

2018 - (Email draft about Kanemoto/Kwak/Yuen) -> local delivery guys @ dte kailua

2018 - (Stink bomb in my apartment) | "Go back to Canada, you defect" (Gaslighting)

2018 - waimanalo utilities incident someone who had my real time location data was harassing me using public utilities in Waimanalo (Gaslighting)

2018 - ex roommate green world (Gossip column / Gaslighting)

2018 - [Gave away entire net worth] (documented by Google via gmail)

2018 - "So you want to meet your maker? We're going to get louder and louder." (Gaslighting)

2018 - dead folks (Gaslighting) | report ventilation | "oh he's nobody" realtor (Gaslighting)

2018 - Google shows me an ad for "Adult Diapers" which I had forgotten to consider when preparing for suicide

2018 - "new years, summit, ewww" -hcec

2019 - disclosed "melissa's friends" from beatbox harassed/white knighted/stalked me at coffee gallery 2016

2019 - suicide (this summary document will transform into a detailed novel)